There’s Something I Would Love You to Know

I just need to get it out there, and I feel like the time is right.

A few weeks ago I returned from India, from an assignment with The Leprosy Mission.  Whilst photographing I was also working with a production company to create a film.  It was my second time in India but it was like nothing I had ever done before.  Since then my heart has been in overdrive.

It was on shoot here in Mumbai where I noticed something within me just slot into place.  It was a sense of wholeness and certainty, like when you realise you have fallen in love with the person you want to be with for the rest of your life.  And you simply can’t let them walk away.



It just makes sense.

In a moment my passion for people, for photography, for international development, and for my faith all combined.

And I had two weeks of feeling full to the brim with assurance that this was exactly what I was meant to be doing.




Sometimes it’s the happy moments that move you, sometimes it’s the hard moments.  But something within me tore when I witnessed the scene below.  I’m sure I will write more another time, but this day was a game changer.

But I know people who can help, who want to help, but sometimes life elsewhere seems so far away.  Without these photos I struggle to describe the situations I found myself in.  But with these photos I can tell you their stories.




And that’s what matters, it’s all about people’s stories.

Be that a wedding day, be that an everyday.

It’s always about the people.  It’s always about their stories.  And I know I’ve been given a gift that I simply can’t ignore and consider it a responsibility and a priviledge to tell them.  I’ve got a heart that cares, and hands that can do so let’s see where this goes, let’s see what’s in store.