Tessa & Hugo // Gloucestershire

We carefully selected every person that worked in our wedding to make sure that we had a great environment, full of great people and with that in mind, I can only say that we have chosen the best photographer that we could. We not only think that you are a great professional, but also a great person. We are really happy to have you as the one who photographed our most important memories for the years to come. Thank you for everything.

We feel very lucky to have met you.”


As soon as I met Tessa and Hugo, I knew that we’d get on a storm.  Our first Skype call was from Haiti where Tessa was living and working at the time – with a passion for humanitarian and development work, she’s a girl after my own heart.  She couldn’t have found a better match in Hugo, a Brazilian who is one of the warmest and most affirming people I’ve met.

As you can imagine, Tessa and Hugo’s wedding was just so full of love and sheer joy – I honestly felt so moved that my heart was fluttering all day with the sheer emotion of it all.

As you enjoy the photos, take a listen to this song by The Lumineers, it was the recessional song the roaming band serenaded them with, all the way from the chapel down the lane to their gorgeous ti-pi field.  Oh my heart!