Rhian and Pete // Woodland Wedding




Kate, we’re so overwhelmed and blessed by these photos. We were so happy with the engagement shoot that we couldn’t wait to see these, but they’re so much more beautiful than we expected still!

There are so many photos here that stand alone as beautiful shots and works of art, as well as so many incredible personal shots and shots just capturing the mood and energy of the day. 
We feel so blessed to have these photos from you…”  (now imagine me trying not to cry when I read this email, I literally had to take a breather half way through!)

What a day, for such a fantastic couple.  It was honestly such a pleasure and privilege!!  You know, there is really nothing more magical than a wedding in the woods.

Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, Rhian and Pete tied the knot and made their vows to each other and before God in the beauty of a secluded woodland.  What a dreamy day, full of love and song, for their tipi wedding.

And the vibe, oh the vibe was just so happy and kind!  The warmth radiating from the people there, I’ve got to say, I felt it.  So often I just blend into the background and people hardly remember I’m there (which I love, cos I get the best natural shots).  But this wedding, every couple of hours someone would come up and ask me how I was, offer to get me a drink or make sure I had eaten some food.  It meant a lot.  Thank you lovely people for being so thoughtful – I know I got some of the best shots thanks to you.  Enjoy!


Rhian and Pete Wedding-616