Naomi & Fahran // Fusion Wedding

 Naomi and Fahran’s wedding left be a little bit speechless.  Their celebration was heartfelt and the fusion of their family traditions gave it a unique and beautiful feel.

With Naomi and her bridesmaids rocking their henna, and Fahran in both daytime traditional dress and evening suit. They blended cultural vibes like I have never seen before, seamlessly and so beautiful.

Naomi’s dress looked stunning in her dress, with it’s gorgeous low back, perfect lines and graceful train.

The space they chose, was an intimate and rustic barn which was magical with the fairy lights and sweeping clematis flowers in the garden.  It seemed the perfect fit for their day and I’m so happy to have been able to capture all those moments as they unfolded.

Oh and one last one, because I adore these little moments!