Hand tied bouquets // with Mrs Umbels

For me, one of the best things to rejuvenate creativity as an artist, is to spend some time doing things I love, with people I love.  This Saturday, my sister and I spent some time with Mrs Umbels – a florist in Nottinghamshire.  We made some hand tied bouquets with fresh cut flowers – and it was the best thing ever!

Mrs Umbels is no ordinary florist, she grows her own flowers in a cutting patch next door to her own charming flower shed.  I couldn’t quite believe my eyes – it was the prettiest place.

We wandered around the cutting patch, collecting flowers and chatting.  Then we learnt how structure and gift wrap the enormous bouquet we ended up with.  I was so inspired, I went foraging in the hedgerows for wildflowers when I got home.  Sarah’s let me in on a little secret – there may well be Christmas wreath making workshops later this year… so keep your eyes peeled.  Until then, if you’re getting married in Nottinghamshire be sure to check out her inspired bridal designs – full of home grown British flowers.