Bryony and Dave // South Downs

I travelled down to the narrow laned, pretty village county of Hampshire for Bryony and Dave’s wedding in early September.  Always a gorgeous time for a wedding I think.  With the bridesmaids in pretty pastels and the men in top hats, it truly was a lovely wedding.  Bryony and Dave just overflowed with love for each other and I could tell their family and friends were just thrilled for them.

I often feel so many emotions when photographing a wedding and Bryony and Dave’s was no exception.  As the day unfolded I found myself getting more and more excited and somewhat nervous for my own upcoming wedding.  One particular moment that struck me was as Bryony and her Dad left their family home and got into the car to go to the church, I felt a wave of emotions come over me.  On these occasions I channelled these emotions into the photography; concentrating on finding the most creative ways of documenting such special moments, and feeling every single second.

I still can’t believe the privilege I have as a photographer to have the ‘best seat in the church’ to witness and capture the precious moments of two people promising to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.  What a joy.