2016 Year in Review

Well what a year.

As always, with everything, it’s been all about the people.  It’s the people who have left a mark on my heart, the couples whose love is overflowing and the people whose hearts are serving behind the scenes.  I’m so utterly grateful to the people who trusted me with their precious wedding photographs.  With all my heart, thank you!

Here’s a few photographs of those little in-between moments you may not have seen before.

On a personal level, this year has marked the first full year of my own marriage.  The best adventure, with my best friend.  We moved house and now live in a little rural town that we love.  We go for walks around the lake, we do our best to keep the house tidy and fall ever more out of love with the washing up.  But we’re so happy, and we’re constantly filled up with Love.

This year weddings have become an adventure into someone else’s story, a magical place where I am asked to capture all their love.  Not just between the couple, but the whole entire family.  One of my favourite photographs from our wedding is one where my Dad is roaring with laughter, his head thrown back like he’s about to topple over.  It may not be the front cover of the world’s trendiest wedding blog but it sums it all up to me.  And that’s exactly what matters.

The year also taught me that love makes a difference.  In November I travelled over to India to document stories of people who have been through so much.  Marginalised and rejected by the world because of a curable, mildly infectious disease and yet loved so much by the staff and volunteers.  It is love that motivates them even in the mundane and especially in the hard times.  This had a profound impact on me, as you might expect.  We are not meant to keep love to ourselves, we really must share it.

This year I also realised even deeper that photography is a window into a memory, or a world, that otherwise gradually fades in our minds.  Photographs remind us of what’s precious and worth holding on to no matter what.

So with an action packed 2017, I will be capturing those moments of a wedding day so they never fade.  Adventuring more, meeting more people and forever feeling grateful that I get to do this.

Love to you all, Kate x