Country Garden // with Campbell’s Flowers

As featured on The Natural Wedding Company blog, to this day this country garden inspired shoot with the incredible Tracey of Campbell’s Flowers remains a shoot I won’t ever forget.

At the time I was interning with Campbell’s Flowers for a summer, doing some PR and generally learning about the first couple of years of growth of a small-medium enterprise, from an incredibly nurturing, kind and talented lady.

From the get go I connected with Tracey immediately, a natural creative with amazing vision.  I think she even gave me some bluebells to take home with me after my interview – what a babe.

On my final day of my internship, we spontaneously decided to go to the Botanical Gardens for this shoot.  If I am honest, it was this experience that gave me the courage to decide to work at nurturing this gift of photography.

She is an inspiration and a trendsetter.  And a truly beautiful person.  I was absolutely honoured when she designed my very own wedding bouquets and came to party with us in the evening.  Why not give her a like on Facebook from me – even if you only vaguely like flowers.  After seeing her work you’ll probably be in love, and flowers won’t ever look the same again.